• Original Pilots


Hour Long Original Drama Pilot. A young therapist trying to start her own practice in her home city of Boston. It follows her trying to get patients and reconnect with her family and friends.

Therapeutic Treatment



Based on the characters created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. Mary Jane moves to Queens, New York with her aunt. She is introduced to her neighbor Peter Parker, who just happens to be Spider-Man.


          The Matchmaker

Thirty Minutes Original Comedy Pilot. A girl in her mid twenties trying to cope with her special gift of matchmaking.

Matchmaker Treatment


          Ashbury Academy

Hour Long Original Drama Pilot. A California girl is sent to a strict British boarding school after her parents are killed in a plane crash.

Ashbury Academy Treatment


  • Spec Scripts


CBS’ Modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Holmes and Watson take a case of murder and car theft, which leads to a bigger conspieracy.

Spec Script


ABC’s Political drama. Olivia takes on a client who’s husband is kidnapped but is hiding secrets of her own career.

Spec Script

         2 Broke Girls

CBS’ Sitcom about two girls trying to start a business in New York City. A new waiter is hired at the diner which takes away from Max and Caroline’s tips.

Spec Script



A man tries to prevent his ex-girlfriend from finding love again by inventing a dating app.


Web Series

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